Petrolab has sampled and analyzed a wide range of reservoir fluids: from extra heavy oils from the Venezuelan tar belt, through conventional black oils, and critical fluids with saturation pressures over 10000 psig and reservoir temperatures over 350 F, to very lean gas condensate systems with small amounts of recoverable retrograde liquid.

We have stayed abreast of developments in bottom hole and surface sampling techniques and offer cheaper alternatives to split phase sampling with isokinetic probes, based on our specialized TOTAL PHASE separator sampling combined with enhanced recombination laboratory procedures.

The specialized services offered by Petrolab comprise of complete PVT hydrocarbon oil and gas analyses: from expert bottom hole and separator sampling, specialized compositional work, to complete reservoir fluid studies, including those on volatile oil and gas condensate samples.

In addition, special studies such as solubility and swelling experiments, miscible displacements at reservoir conditions in core material and slim tubes, phase diagrams etc. are performed.

We also offer a variety of bottom hole sampling services and on-site high-pressure single phase transfers, combined with on-site compositions and simulated PVT reports. We can provide on short notice a manned, complete mobile PVT laboratory, useful on extended exploration projects in remote locations. Petrolab performs all of its analyses using the guidelines set out by the NATA (National Australian Testing Authority). Even though some procedures and calculations are confidential in detail, general descriptions of all tests are available for our clients.