About Us

Petrolab is a dynamic and very adaptable service company in the oil industry with ample experience globally in remote locations.

The specialised services offered from our Australian headquarters comprise of complete oil and gas PVT analysis with expert surface and sub-surface sampling for all reservoir fluid types.

In addition, special studies such as solubility and swelling experiments, miscible displacements at reservoir conditions in core material and slim tubes, phase diagrams, including solids such as asphaltenes can be performed in our laboratories.

We have extensive experience in handling of reservoir fluid conditions up to 15,000 psi and 350°F and from lean gas condensates, to waxy and/or asphaltenic crudes, to heavy crudes from the Orinoco tar belt.

Petrolab has stayed abreast of developments in surface and sub-surface sampling techniques, specialised compositional work, complete reservoir fluid studies including those on volatile oil and gas condensate samples. Amongst our services are the following: