Bottom Hole Sampling

Petrolab has expert personnel trained in sampling of all types of reservoir fluids. Bottom-hole sampling services provided by Petrolab include:

Petrolab performs bottom hole sampling of reservoir fluids using slick-line conveyed bottom-hole sampling tools. Specifications on our tool sizes are tabled below. Petrolab’s bottom hole sampling tools have three key designs, (1) Flow Through Samplers (2) Positive Displacement Samplers (3) Single-Phase Samplers, the applications of each are discussed further below:

  1. Flow Though Samplers (FTS): Simple tools capable of capturing 600cc of reservoir fluids at reservoir conditions. Samples taken are of PVT quality.
  2. Positive Displacement Samplers (PDS): Same application to the FTS, the key difference being that the sample chamber contains a piston to avoid contact between the displacing fluid and reservoir fluid.
  3. Single-Phase Sampler (SPS): Uses Nitrogen to pressure compensate the samples to preserve single phase conditions during the retrieval, transfer and shipping process to enable preservation of asphaltenes in solution.

High Pressure Transfers of Open Hole Bottom Hole Samples:
Petrolab has the capability of transferring reservoir fluid samples collected in any form of Wireline Formation Tools (RFTS, MDT, RDT, RCI, MPSR amongst others). This has the benefit of significantly decreasing the turnaround time for sample chambers enabling them to be re-deployed sooner. High pressure transfers can also be conducted on-site or at our premises.

Furthermore, Petrolab can perform basic analyses on-site, including sample validation, and determination of the fluid phase (based on GOR, densities etc.) and if required more complex on-site services such as onsite chromatography, determination of OBM contamination, bubble point measurement and EoS calculated PVT study.

For more information, or should you have any questions please don’t hesitate inĀ contacting us.