Laboratory Services

Petrolab central operations are based out of the main base in Adelaide, Australia from which we provide services throughout Oceania and South East Asia. Further to this, Petrolab has in the past operated globally through fully-equipped satellite laboratories in Malaysia, Venezuela and Bolivia. From our laboratories, we have the capabilities to carry out complete reservoir fluid studies, performed on all types of reservoir fluids from dry gases and gas condensates, through volatile oils to ultra heavy oils. Our analyses include:

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PVT Analysis

Petrolab’s core speciality is PVT Analyses; on all types of reservoir fluids performed either in a main or customized mobile laboratory. Services are performed on pressurised reservoir fluid samples collected using Conventional Slickline, Wireline Bottom Hole or Recombined Separator Samples.

Common tests performed:

EOR Experiments include:

Amongst other physical PVT properties of reservoir fluids, these tests determine the following:

PVT Equipment:

Gas Analysis

Petrolab offers accurate determination of Molar Compositional Gas Analyses by Chromatography up to C20+ including N2, H2S and CO2, GPM Content, Heating Value, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, Molecular Weight and Pseudo-Critical Properties.

Other services include:

Liquid Analysis

Reported in the preliminary data stage used for the evaluation of PVT analysis requirements, Petrolab offers expert compositional, produced GOR, and fluid properties otherwise known as a “flash” analysis.

Other services include: